What if we regrew forests?

Replantons nos forêts

Les arbres sont les poumons de la Terre.

It’s no surprise to say that the climate crisis is alarming. At KaseMe, we strongly believe that every person and especially every business has to take on concrete actions to lower their environmental footprint!    

In 2020, we started looking out for solutions to get involved and considerably reduce our carbon footprint. That’s how we found out about the Ecologi organization, with who we started collaborating.    


For every order put in we plant trees. In other words, we started this collaboration with Ecologi, to help out replant many forests in developing countries throughout the world.   

Why planting trees?    

1. Trees help reduce CO2 in our atmosphere, which is created by human activity. 

2. This project helps create many jobs in developing countries communities. 

3. Trees provide a viable habitat for over 80% of the world’s biodiversity. 

4. Trees purify the air that we breathe and also helps filter the water that we drink through their roots. 

5. Massively planting trees could hold back climate warming and limit the planet’s temperature warming to 1.5, which has a great impact on our lives.   


In 2020, the objective was to plant 40 000 trees, and we manage to proudly surpass our objective by planting 60 000 trees.   

Here is the link to our Ecologi website page to see all of our implications and all of the trees planted in real-time: https://ecologi.com/kaseme.

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