Our Commitments

As a Certified B Corp, our commitment to environmental sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We choose to adopt business practices that minimize our impact on the planet, whether it is through the use of renewable energy sources to power our operations, the reduction of our waste, the use of responsible materials or through our rigorous selection of suppliers who share our environmental values.

Furthermore, we intently work to establish a culture of environmental responsibility within our company, as well as externally, by raising awareness and educating our employees, suppliers and customers on the importance of sustainability.

Our tree plantation

For three years, we have had the pleasure of working with Ecologi, a non-profit organization, in our pursuit of a better world. Each year, we continue to allocate 3% of our net annual profits to plant trees in order to offset a portion of our carbon emissions. You can have a look at our forest by visiting our Ecologi profile.

Why are we planting trees?

Trees purify the air and water, giving way to cleaner natural habitats as well as increasing biodiversity. They also contribute to our own health and well-being, in addition to creating jobs with a powerful social impact. It’s partly thanks to you if today, we’re able and proud to support Ecologi in their mission to create a better world.

Our cases and packaging

Ensuring the durability of your phone case largely depends on the quality of the materials used in its construction. That's why we have transitioned to using specific components that enable us to produce phone cases that are 100% recyclable.

Some of our products, like our Clear cases, are GRS certified and are crafted from up to 80% recycled materials. Furthermore, our team is diligently working to establish a circular economy program for all our products.

Since 2019, our KaseMe products have been packaged with envelopes that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. All paper used for our packaging is sourced from FSC-certified forests, indicating responsibly managed, renewable forests. Furthermore, our new pouches are crafted from canvas material and can serve multiple purposes!

Local suppliers and transportation

We make it our duty to support local businesses and expertise by prioritizing suppliers from the area for all our purchases. By doing so, we help reduce the pollution caused by the transportation of goods and contribute to a strong local economy.

If the use of a local supplier isn’t possible, KaseMe commits to prioritize using sea rather than air transportation. Consequently, we are significantly reducing our carbon footprint, thereby preserving our planet’s natural wonders while building a more sustainable future for the generations to come.